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Repair or Replace your A/C unit?

How do you know if it’s better to repair or replace your a/c unit?

If you have ever questioned this, you’re not alone. Knowing whether to repair or replace your a/c unit is a common question asked by many homeowners each and every year. How do you know when you’re A/C unit is costing you more money than a new unit would cost? When should you start thinking about replacing your unit? The best way to evaluate whether a new unit is the right choice for you is to way out the Pros and Cons but also keep in mind the knowledge given to you by a trusted HVAC company.

a/c unit

How do you know when you’re current A/C unit is costing you more money than a new unit would cost you?

  1. What is the age of your unit?

Age plays a major role in how efficiently your unit will run. We always recommend a replacement after your unit hits 12 years old. At this age, most of your repairs will exceed the amount of a new unit.

2. What has your electric bill looked like the past few months?

Sounds like an odd question, but as the age of your unit goes up the efficiency of your unit goes down. If you’ve noticed an increase in your bill, that means your unit is not working at top efficiency.

3. Are you hearing strange noises?

Your unit should never make odd, strange noises. Some of these noises might include: screeching, clicking, rattling, and humming to name a few.

4. Are you planning on moving soon?

You might not know this, but a new A/C unit can increase your property value. Some counties also offer rebates when you purchase a new A/C unit that’s upgraded with a higher efficiency. It’s like being rewarded for making the planet greener! Click the link below to see some of the local ones.

Green Cove Springs, FL:


Clay County FL:


JEA Rebate:


5. How many repairs are needed on your unit?

If you are having an issue with you’re A/C unit and you have a technician come out to assess your unit. While they are there, they notice a few other issues that will cause problems shortly down the road, if they haven’t already. It might be time to way the cost of the repairs vs what a new unit would cost you. Typically, you will save money with the purchase of a new unit.

When should you start thinking about replacing your unit?

There are a few different reasons why you might be pondering this question. Are you having problems with your unit like mentioned above? Are you thinking of moving and would like an increase in your property value? Is your unit getting older and you want to replace it before it stops working? All of these are good and valid reasons to look at replacing your unit vs repairing it. So, when is a good time to repair?

Repairing your a/c unit should be when the unit is still operating at a good efficiency or is still a newer unit. We never like to replace an a/c unit if it’s still new and we will always try to help you by giving you options along with our professional advice. If you would like a detailed evaluation of your unit, always feel free to give us a call or schedule online now!

*HVAC Tip*

We highly recommend having quarterly preventative maintenance done on your a/c unit. Preventative Maintenance is key to keeping your unit healthy and long-lasting. We at Professional Cooling provide a preventative maintenance plan so you don’t have to worry about when you need service completed because we call you when it’s time! To find out more about our VIP Maintenance Plan click here!


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