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Alert Labs Sentree provides 24/7 real-time remote monitoring of residential central air conditioning systems to track A/C health. The dashboard platform provides 24 hour monitoring to provide information about A/C performance and status to keep the air conditioner running efficiently. The device uses a cellular connection that does not require a separate carrier agreement, on-site internet, or WiFi connection.


Floodie is a multi-purpose sensor that sends alerts to your phone within seconds of detecting water leaks and temperature changes in your home. Add a Floodie flood sensor with Sentree to help protect your property from water damage while monitoring your A/C. Place Floodie in areas at risk for leaks and floods: near water heater tanks, air handlers, washing machines, sump pits, and under sinks. You can also save up to 10% on your home insurance for having leak & flood protection with Floodie!

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