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Refer a Friend & Receive Discounts
from Professional Cooling & Control Systems Inc.

Do you know someone who needs a new air conditioning or heating system? Or, you may know that their HVAC system needs repairing? Whatever the case-Professional Cooling offers you something you don’t want to miss out on!

Start Referring Now!

Our business model is built following our customers liking our service. They tell their friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers about us. This is important for us to grow more and more. There is no better way to say thank you than to offer discounts on your referrals!

Refer & Earn

  • $
  • 10.00

If they have any service work done

Refer & Earn

  • $
  • 20.00

If they sign up for our twice-yearly home maintenance plan

Refer & Earn

  • $
  • 50.00

If they purchase a new system

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be paid for a referral?

Anyone! You don’t even have to be a customer of ours. You just have to be responsible for introducing us to someone who becomes our customer.

How do I get my discount?

We will credit your account, so that on your next service or repair visit it can be applied for savings!

What is meant by a “New Customer”?

A New Customer is anyone we haven’t done any service for before.

Can I get more than one referral commission?

Of course you can! If you send us 100 new customers, we’ll discount you 100 commissions with great pleasure.

No … and yes. No, once we have done a job for someone they become our customer, so we wouldn’t discount commission on the next job for them. Yes, in case you refer someone for a service call and they sign up at the same time for a maintenance plan. If it occurs that the service call results in our replacing the system you would get $10+$20+$50=$80 in discounts.

Sorry, but you can’t. You need to refer someone else to receive the commission.

Referral commissions are paid for both new commercial and residential customers.

Just call or send us an e-mail anytime you like and we’ll give you all information.

What Our Customer’s Say

Kim M.

Callahan, FL

They were very professional and did excellent work. Very nice workers and just a great company. Would highly recommend them.

Mike F.

Orange Park, FL

This is a great company. They truly do care about quality and customer satisfaction. Couldn't be happier with the Air Scrubber results.

Jeffrey H.

Green Cove Springs, FL

They kept in very good contact. They’re very efficient, knowledge, responsible, and clean.


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